The Shepherd's Hut is a place to find refuge

East Mountain UK offers the Shepherd's Hut and the Prayer Garden at Wall End to those who are seeking peace, restoration and healing. 

A beautifully curated space to relax

Come get away with The Good Shepherd

We have attempted to anticipate your needs and offer a space for a day retreat that will leave you feeling refreshed and encouraged. A ready kettle with a variety of coffees, teas and biscuits are there for your enjoyment.  Light nibbles and cold drinks too!  Feel free to take a pen, a mini notebook and a handmade bookmark to remember your time in the Shepherd's Hut!

A lovely natural environment

Listen to the birds and the music of the river

A gorgeous space along the banks of the River Tyne in East Lothian with numerous possible walks in the local forest.  Watch for ducks, our resident Blue Heron and even occasional otters along the tumbling river weir.  

Self-guided retreats

Need inspiration?  We are keen to help!

We provide numerous options within the Hut for self-guided day retreats, Christian devotional reading and prayer resources. Alternatively, if you would like to interact with someone from the East Mountain UK Community for prayer, inspiration or fellowship, we are happy to make that happen as well!


Money should never limit an opportunity for healing

The Shepherd's Hut is offered free of charge. As East Mountain UK operates as a registered charitable organisation, we would be happy to accept a small donation for its use to help us keep the lights on, coffee and tea in the cupboard and wood ready for burning in the "hobbit stove."  A donation box for cash donations as well as a contactless donation reader are available in the Hut.  EM UK bank transfer details are also available on the booking page. 

After meeting our monthly upkeep needs, any surplus donations will be given to a UK charity we love "I Got Shoes." Read more about them here

A "thin place"

Where Heaven touches Earth

As a religious, Christian Community, East Mountain UK offers guidance from the historic, Christian perspective.  But we open the Shepherd's Hut to anyone who wishes to come, regardless of creed or background.  We welcome you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find you?

Our address is located here on the website.  We are in Pencaitland; about 17 miles SE of Edinburgh in East Lothian.  Sat Navs typically fail at finding us!  Once you book, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get here and how to access the Hut.  Normally, a community member is on site to open the Hut. 

When you do arrive, please do ring the bell at Wall End if a community member is not out to greet you. Sometimes we don't see cars drive up!

Do I need a car to get to you?

Technically, no, but you will probably want one!  There is public bus service from Edinburgh to a stop in Pencaitland that is less than a 15 minute walk to Wall End.  It is, however, a bit complicated and a long journey!  Let us know if you plan to use public transportation and we can help make your arrival less of a hassle!

Can I stay the night?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to host overnight guests.  There is a day bed provided in the hut for napping.  As someone once said to us, "Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is to take a nap!"

We are happy to point you to local BnB options in the area if you wish an overnight stay. 

Can I book for more than a day?

Absolutely!  However, we cannot accommodate you overnight in the Hut.  Local listings of hotels/BnBs can be provided. 

How much does it cost?

As we mentioned above, the Shepherd's Hut is free to use and without cost.  As a Community, we have decided to not even ask for a "suggested donation."  This often feels like an expectation more than a suggestion!  If you would like to donate to help us offer this space to others, we welcome your generosity.  But we will not look at you funny if you decide not to give!

Can I bring my kids? My dog? My partner? My friends?

Currently, The Shepherd's Hut is not equipped as a space for children or animals.  Sorry! 

The Hut can comfortably seat up to 4 adults and can be used as a place for small group gatherings. Small group bookings are welcome. 

Do you provide meals?

Unfortunately, no.  There is a kettle in the hut and a small refrigerator.  We provide hot drinks, a variety of cold drinks and small snacks in the Hut.  We can let you use a microwave upon request.  There are cafés and restaurants in Pencaitland and in nearby Haddington (10 minutes). 

What sort of provision is being made for Covid-19?

We adhere to all Scottish government advice regarding Covid-19 compliance.  After each guest, we thoroughly clean and sanitise all surfaces.  

Is WiFi available?

The answer is “it’s complicated!”  As we are located in a fairly rural area, mobile and internet services are a bit spotty.  The Hut is surrounded on most sides by tin which acts as metal shield against our house-based WiFi signal. 3G/4G and mobile network signal can be captured outside the Hut on some networks. 

We often suggest that guests enjoy the fact that that the Hut insulates them from the busyness and constant accessibility of modern life and provides an oasis of calm in a crazy world!

Who or what is East Mountain UK?

We are a small, Christian community registered as a charity in the UK (charity no. 1174595).  We operate in the domains of leadership development, spiritual formation, pilgrimage, discipleship and ministry of presence.  The Prayer Garden and the The Shepherd Hut are offered as a part of our commitment to see people flourish in all aspects of life and to connect more deeply to God.  

Learn more about East Mountain UK here. 

What if I'm running late?

If you anticipate being more than 15 minutes late for your pre-booked time in the Hut, please text Chris at 07747378155.  This just helps us to know how to schedule the timing for warming the hut with a fire, etc.